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A friendly Strategy game for EVERYONE!

*Online Play will be available with Full Release*

Challenge the computer or test your skills against other players online.
The game is easy to grasp.

One spring morning, Little Bunny woke up hungry. Knowing that the other bunnies would be hungry as well, Little Bunny raced to the local carrot patch to pick up his favorite food, carrots!

But there was another bunny who had reached the carrot patch first and she was already filling her basket with carrots.

Camera Movement 
[Mobile]You can move the camera in a 360 degree by using dragging one finger right to left. To tilt the camera up or down, drag two fingers simultaneously. To reset the camera, press the “Camera” icon in the top left corner. 

[PC] Hold the RMB down and drag left to right, up and down to move your camera. Cicking the "Camera" icon in the top left corner resets your camera position.

Movement Points
Rolling a d6 grants you your movement, or in this case, pressing the dice icon. 

Directional Movement 
A path selection line will show you your path as you drag your finger [mobile] or LMB [PC] horizontally and / or vertically. You may zig and zag, or hop in a straight line. 

Accepting Movement
[Mobile Only] Once you have chosen your movement path,
press the “Paw” icon in the top right corner.

The tree stump and rock block your path but the fallen log can be 
jumped over for 3 movement points.

Collecting Carrots
To collect a carrot, the Player must roll enough Movement Points to land on the square occupied by the carrot. Collecting a carrot ends your turn, even if there remaining Movement Points.

The Player with the most carrots at the end of two rounds wins.
If there is a tie at the end of the second round, 
the winner of the final third round will determine the winner of the game.


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